Kitchen Updates

What’s Cooking?

I live alone and most of the time, when I am at home, I am fixated to anything related to computers, software development technologies and quite often DATABASES. The only thing that can take me off my computer screen is when I go fishing, out on a road trip, or in the kitchen. As a data architect and software developer, I am used to creating stuff and often go beyond what’s typical. In the software development world, a single problem can be solved in million ways. In the kitchen, things are quite the same.

Over time, I have managed to cook dishes without looking at any recipe. Often, I just mix and match whatever is in the kitchen. When in a grocery store, I just browse through all items and buy those that interests me. Then possible dish ideas would pop out my head based on the items I bought. That is how mostly I come up with my dishes. I am also not a professional cook, and ever far from being an amateur. It is all about mixing stuff I have at hand. So I would apologize if I don’t know the names of my dishes. I would just label them based on the core ingredients.

I am also doing photography as a hobby, and it was only recently that I got fond of taking pictures of my kitchen’s OUTPUT. Now I would probably want to share how it looks like when done and how developments evolved in this area of interest of mine.

So let us talk about FOOD! This page would definitely be dominated by FILIPINO and ASIAN dishes. Stay around, and check out my work in the kitchen.


Try out some of my seafood salad 🙂

My favorite fish dish. Similar to paksiw, but drier. We call it ‘pinamalhan’ in Negros. Check out this Pinamalhan nga Galunggong.

Here is some spicy, flavorful beef tripe dish. Beef Tripe in Curry and Cheese Sauce.

I wanted some stir-fried beef tendon and ended up having some very flavorful soup-like dish. Hehe. Sometimes, you get to create that yummy dish by accident. Check out this Beef Tendon and Seaweed Soup


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