Better Than Before

This is so cool. I haven’t expected that Microsoft would give this for free. Since the first iteration of MSDE, I had always wished that the software giant would someday give more features for free.

With the CTP release of SQL Server Express Edition with Advanced Services, two of the features I wished to become free actually became and is now FREE. I am refering to the following:

  • Full Text Search
  • Reporting Capabilities

I have this product that used to require at least SQL Server’s standard edition simply becuase of full text search. I also tend to have difficulties providing the product a decent reporting capability.

With the missing pieces, I require our clients to buy at least SQL Server’s standard edition.

Now, I only have to sell our product and not worry on selling SQL Server anymore for clients that do not require databases greater than 4GB.

This will be a boon to our efforts and i am expecting to be selling more of our product.

Now I can’t ask for more but to ask a few more GBs from Microsoft. Make it 10GB 🙂